Retail Storefront Reimaged as Dynamic Workspace for Creative Digital Company

Together with BlueSwitch’s in-house creative team, Janko Rasic Architects recently reimagined a retail storefront as a new dynamic workspace. BlueSwitch, a young, fun digital strategy and marketing provider, feeds off the energy of being street level. The space is a combination of touch down positions, open work stations, and huddle rooms, peppered with a few private offices to accommodate different work styles of programmers, designers, project managers, digital marketers, and social media managers. Sliding barn doors branded with the company logo open to a large lounge off the reception area. Lounges and an open café provide employees and clients with places to interact and socialize. Stop by, look in the window at 29 Broadway and say hi.

“BlueSwitch is a premier technology solutions provider. [Their] team …[creates] web applications that enhance your business. …Innovative solutions enable businesses to be more productive in the constant changing market, and in return, reduce costs and increase revenue. By providing a variety of services, BlueSwitch is committed to fulfilling the needs of its clients.”