ABN AMRO Expansion

Total Area:
10,985 sf (54,000 sf total)

No. Of Floors:
1 (4 total)

100 Park Avenue, New York, NY


ABN AMRO is a Dutch Bank with headquarters in Amsterdam. Constantly innovating, the banks head office is an early adopter of agile and activity-based working at its head office. For the third expansion of its New York office, Janko Rasic Architects collaborated with the bank’s facilities and IT departments to design a flexible workplace and provide people with a choice of settings for a variety of activities. People are encouraged to locate themselves where they find it is most suitable to complete their work. They can carry out different tasks in different environments. A variety of spaces from sit-stand desks, two-person phone booths, cafe/lounges and conference rooms create opportunities for workplace activities from intense focused work to impromptu meetings or more formal structured meetings. Light, air, and space are enjoyed by all as open plan, height adjustable benches at the perimeter windows replace conventional, closed private offices. Conference rooms are pushed to the interior and lounges screened with diagonal, translucent blue glass partitions occupy two corners of the floor, creating inspiring spaces which support relaxation, informal conversation, and work.