Rooftop Workplace

New York, NY

The outdoors is the next frontier for the workplace. With 90 percent of our time spent indoors, much of it at work, we look to nature to feel refreshed, inspired, and renewed. Both building owners and tenants are looking to activate this often-underutilized asset. Janko Rasic Architects was asked by a financial services client to re-imagine a barren roof setback and transform it into a park-like space for informal meetings and client gatherings. With an increasing emphasis on collaborative zones, the block long terrace functions as an extension of the office. Employees can enjoy lunch, soak up some vitamin D and even plant vegetables in repurposed wooden wine barrels. Psychological studies of biophilia, an ingrained human interaction to nature and the living world, have shown that the restorative effect of a natural view improves health and wellbeing. The modular green roof system and ivy screens help combat the urban heat island effect and reduce storm water runoff. Sedum, native plants, and wild flowers; which bloom at different times; promote biodiversity and act as a pollinator habitat. This outdoor space functions as a three-dimensional expression of a company’s philosophy and commitment to sustainability, reinforcing the brand to both employees and visiting clients.