United Nations – UNICEF

Abuja, Nigeria
The Nigerian government offered to build centralized offices for 13 United Nations agencies in the new capital of Abuja. Janko Rasic Architects programmed the UN office requirements for each department and prepared design/construction guidelines on behalf of the UN. The new facility houses 400 personnel.

Antanarivo, Madagascar
Janko Rasic Architects provided the UN with programming and plan review for new UN House in Antanarivo, including cost analysis for new turnkey office building.

Dakar, Senegal
Janko Rasic Architects provided site review analysis for proposed locations for UN House offices.

Moldova Republic
Janko Rasic Architects reviewed plans for expansion & renovation of UNICEF offices.

Islamabad, Pakistan
Janko Rasic Architects reviewed proposed plans submitted by developer to deliver turnkey office building for UNICEF.